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Urban Trekking, born in Siena in , is a new kind of sustainable tourism, that focus on the most hidden and lesser known places and attractions to be found in Italian art towns. Away from traditional trails, one will have the possibility to discover real secrets and treasures of some of the most beautiful and appealing cities of Italy. Thanks to original itineraries, specially studied by experts, you will live a unique travel experience, with a full immersion in art and culture while doing some sport. Invaluable works of art are kept here. On October 31 , amongst the various events also the possibility to fly on a hot-air balloon what a view!

A real treasure, remained closed for centuries, now opens to the public! After a long restoration, starting this April 6 up to January 6 , the beautiful Duomo of Siena opens its door to reach the sky.

My name is Elena, I'm a travel writer and a happy mom living near Florence. I love to explore Tuscany to discover special places and I have a great passion for Tuscan Cooking. On this blog I share my experiences on special hotels and places to visit in Tuscany and Italy, and about my grandmother's tasty Recipes!

I'm happy to help travelers plan their holiday in Tuscany The Incident at Naples Francis Steegmuller. Siena City of Secrets Jane Tylus. Cultural history, intellectual memoir, travelogue, and guidebook, it takes the reader on a quest of discovery through the well- and not-so-well-traveled roads and alleys of a town both medieval and modern.

The secrets of Gothic in Siena

As Tylus leads us through the city, she shares her passion for Siena in novelistic prose, while never losing sight of the historical complexities that have made Siena one of the most fascinating and beautiful towns in Europe. Today, Siena can appear on the surface standoffish and old-fashioned, especially when compared to its larger, flashier cousins Rome and Florence.

But first impressions wear away as we learn from Tylus that Siena was an innovator among the cities of Italy: the first to legislate the building and maintenance of its streets, the first to publicly fund its university, the first to institute a municipal bank, and even the first to ban automobile traffic from its city center.

A practical and engaging guide for tourists and armchair travelers alike, Siena is a testament to the powers of community and resilience in a place that is not quite as timeless and serene as it may at first appear.

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Table of Contents. Philip Cooke Times Higher Education. The result is an outstanding volume, which demonstrates all the qualities the author has shown in her earlier works, and more. One of the first hospitals in Europe, it began by welcoming pilgrims and then the sick. One of its last patients before it reopened as a museum was the writer Italo Calvino, who died there in after a stroke, and from whom Tylus seems to have learned not a few lessons in terms of the simplicity and lightness of her style and the intricate patterns of her textual architecture.

Like Calvino, Tylus has an eye for detail. During the course of her journey, she accumulates many riches, which she generously passes on here. Jonathan Keates Times Literary Supplement.

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In an epigraph to his collection Parole pellegrine , the poet enquires of his former life in the city: 'To what was I at once both accomplice and stranger? Christopher Menz Australian Book Review.

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Her narrative mentions all the main architectural sights, works of art and cultural activities, but interweaves these with digressions that jump back and forth from the past to the present, from the core of the city to its surroundings, from its very foundations to the pinnacles of its towers. In this she mirrors in her text the rich, complex, undulating, and labyrinthine city to which she keeps returning.

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Tylus manages wonderfully to unfold mysteries while keeping the secrets alive and alluring. The book is a marvelous mixture of erudition and personal reminiscence. Her literary and historical mastery is absolute, but she is also a delightful companion enabling us to travel the city as it exists now and the city with centuries of its history as though intact before our gaze. Read Siena and see the city through the eyes of a particularly gifted observer who is also a gifted writer.

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