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You should always check with the Bureau of Meteorology for the latest weather and coastal waters forecasts for your area before putting to sea. Please use our complaints and compliments form. Thus, it never became law.

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Four times prime minister, Gladstone provoked strong reactions. In Parliament he spoke out against the abolition of slavery, because his family used slaves on their West Indian plantation. He also opposed the recent democratic electoral reforms. He followed Peel in resigning in , and spent the following 6 years in Opposition.

Even while serving as Prime Minister in later years, he would walk the streets, trying to convince prostitutes to change their ways. He spent a large amount of his own money on this work.

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This caused some confusion, as he was known to favour the policy himself. When the Tory party broke apart in , Gladstone followed Peel in becoming a Liberal-Conservative, now believing strongly in free trade.

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He was Chancellor again under Palmerston between and , though their relationship was an uncomfortable one, and yet again under Russell from to His policies were intended to improve individual liberty while loosening political and economic restraints. He successfully passed an act to disestablish the Church of Ireland and an Irish Land Act to tackle unfair landlords, but was defeated on an Irish University Bill proposing a new university in Dublin open to Catholics and Protestants. But in a heavy defeat at the general election led to his arch-rival Disraeli becoming Prime Minister.

Gladstone retired as leader of the Liberal Party, but remained an intimidating opponent, attacking the government fiercely over their weak response to Turkish brutality in the Balkans, known as the Eastern Crisis. For 2 years he combined the offices of Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

William Ewart Gladstone

Yet trouble overseas created problems. A significant portion of land within the Gladstone SDA is owned by the state government. View the land ownership map 3. The Coordinator-General's land holdings include land for multi-user infrastructure corridors, industrial development and buffer areas.

The land use protocol 1. The protocol applies to all persons authorised, permitted, or licensed to use the Materials Transportation and Services Corridor precinct.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The extensive list of types of business, industry and infrastructure below highlights the diverse range of industrial developments the Gladstone SDA is ready to accommodate: large-scale, large-footprint industrial development industrial development requiring access to strategic port logistics and maritime facilities port-related activities industries to support major industrial development materials transportation infrastructure and utility and service infrastructure gas transportation infrastructure and other compatible infrastructure.

Industry precincts within the Gladstone SDA account for approximately 13, hectares and include land designated for: high impact industry high impact industry, particularly for the LNG industry medium - high impact industry medium - high impact and port related industry medium impact industry low - medium impact industry.

Examples of industries include: mineral and resource refining and processing chemical and industrial material manufacturing metal product manufacturing and processing storage of dangerous goods, abattoir and waste management manufacturing of wood, metal, glass, plastic and plastic products food processing and manufacturing boiler making, engineering works and assembling metal products.

Other precincts within the Gladstone SDA provide for: a materials transportation and services corridor to accommodate linear infrastructure transport and support services such as warehousing, transport depot, container depot, storage yards and construction services waste management such as residue storage facilities low impact industrial development such as repairing and servicing and fitting and turning workshops separation between industrial activities and sensitive receptors environmental management.

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